What is the artificial intelligence trend in 2018?

Machine learning is a form of Artificial Intelligence. Companies are starting to use intelligent algorithm to help the machine make a more informed decision. The possibilities of AI are countless and it will have a huge impact in the coming days.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are predicted to be a game changer. In Gartner’s top 10 strategic technology trends for 2018, “Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are helping together to gradually create an intelligent digital network.” In this article, we will talk about the ongoing trends in AI.

1. Consumers will interact more with devices

An estimated 20 million Amazon Alexa speakers were sold in 2017 and if we add Google and Apple devices, you can imagine how many people are interacting with the technology.

As intelligent assistants become integrated into the devices we use every day, by the end of 2018, consumers will be more comfortable with voice-based technology.

2. Logistics is becoming efficient

Amazon Robotics helps big-box retailers with logistics using a combination of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics. We are entering a world where the warehouse will be filled with highly efficient robots that can work 24/7 and even work without lights. Technology is growing and we will witness the significant role of AI in different industries.

3. Peer-to-peer networks

The rise of peer-to-peer networks powered by cryptocurrency will help small companies run advanced AI programs using the collective power of connected personal computers.

4. Machine learning will also help employees

While some are concerned that AI will put the masses out of work, AI technology also has the potential to empower workers, especially those in the knowledge sector.

According to Carrie Christensen, VP of Operations at Mint Solar, “This technology can train customer-facing service workers to speak more effectively. Expect AI to increasingly assist white-collar workers in 2018 and beyond.”

5. AI in medical diagnosis

Ben Hortman, CEO of Bet Capital LLC explained, “We are entering an era where a peer-to-peer computer network may have the ability to solve some of the world’s most challenging health problems by collecting and analyzing human molecular data.”

This technology was inspired by two trends: blockchain and AI.

Something we read in a science fiction novel is now a reality. Technology is growing and so is the economy around the world. However, every business should take advantage of the constant technological trends.