Budget Hotels UK

Budget Hotels UK

Budget hotels in UK are preferred accommodation for travelers who have shoe string budget and cannot afford to stay in business hotels or luxury hotels. Some budget hotels in UK including of Kingston Lodge, Jurys Inn Croydon, Dolphin Hotel, Aerodrome Hotel, Warren House, Byron Hotel, Clarendon Blackheath Hotel, Euro Queens, The Wembley Hotel, Atini Guest House, Umi Hotel, SO Hyde Park, Comfort Inn Edgware Road, Grosvenor Kensington Hotel, etc. are known for offering attractive budget hotel accommodation.


Along with budget hotels in UK, hostels are considered the most suitable option for backpackers and students. Hostels in UK provide cheap accommodation to young people who want to travel and appreciate nature but lack disposable money which can be spent freely. Travelers planning to stay in London for only a couple of days and looking for a cheaper alternative to live and sleep during their stay in London, a youth hostel could be just what he or she is looking for.


However, budget accommodation cannot be misunderstood by bad quality accommodation. At most a traveler can be asked to share the accommodation and facilities with fellow inmate and nothing more. No bad name for youth hostels in London as gone are the days when caretakers did not give much damn to cleanliness, now all youth hostels are taken care of by the authorities who again are checked randomly for the quality and services.


Community lounge in London are another option for students and other young travelers who after a long and exciting day in London can just lay back and relax on the bed offered. Students and young travelers, particularly from Asia and Africa prefer to stay in youth hostel for the reason that these not only offer affordable accommodation, but also offer perfect youth ambience which can be enjoyed when in company with youngster from around the world.


Moreover, youth hostels are located in central London which gives strategic advantage as most of the attractive destinations in London are in the vicinity of central London and most of the activities and happenings take place at this place only. Not only back packers and students use youth hostels as a cheap accommodation option in London, but more and more families also are opting out to stay in hostels during their family vacation.


The Generator Hostel in London is a premier attraction among back packers. Located in the center of the city, the hostel has more than 800 beds and can provide accommodation to a large number of travelers from around the world. Young travelers such students, sport persons, missionaries, etc. are the main clients of the hostel. Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, etc. are some major tourist attractions near the hostel.


The Camden Inn is another youth hostel in London which offers cheap accommodation to travelers. Located in the north of the city, clean rooms, safe and secure environment with closed circuit TV through the hostel, along with swipe card access to restrict unauthorized access, etc. are some key features of the hostel. Bath and shower rooms with 24 hour hot water, kitchen with utensils and appliances, etc. too are provided for inmates.

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